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Picture of Pasture Eggs

Pasture Eggs

Pastured Eggs for $6.00 per dozen of mixed sized eggs. Our eggs are beyond organic. What does this mean? Pastured eggs are from chickens who have been raised on grass and follow our cattle.
Picture of 10 Dozen - Bundle, Small Eggs
Picture of Whole Chicken (Large)
Picture of Whole Chicken (Med)

Whole Chicken (Med)

Includes " How-To " instructions.
Picture of 2 lbs. Chicken Leg, Wing and Thigh
Picture of 1.25 lb Chicken Breast and Tender
Picture of 3 lb Chicken Feet
Picture of Feet/Head Combo
Picture of .75 lb Chicken Heart
Picture of Neck and Back

Neck and Back

Our birds are growing on fresh pasture and will be available for ordering soon. Please contact us at if you'd like to be on our pre-order waiting list to ensure your order.
Picture of 1.5 Chicken Head
Picture of 1 lb Chicken Liver
Picture of Bulk Poultry Package (12 Whole Chickens)
Picture of Buy ONE chicken leg/wing/thigh, get ONE pint kombucha FREE
Picture of Whole Chicken (Pre-Order)
Picture of Pastured Chicken Gizzards